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Why is it that (almost) every single ‘dom’/’master’ posts the same photos of himself on fetlife all the time?

Point-by-point description of a generic, twue ‘dom’/’master’ photo:

  • A bit of facial hair, preferably a goatee or perhaps a full beard.
  • Baggy (preferably black) clothes that don’t reveal any skin or even a hint of sex – no muscled torso, no bulge in the pants, nothing.
  • Cool, distant, ‘i m srs bsns’ expression that’s supposed to look stoic, but really just looks as though the guy is desperately trying to hold in a fart.
  • Arms crossed defensively tight across the chest, discretely flexing to make his biceps look larger.

..and maybe some sunglasses, but this one is variable. Some men have apparently caught on to the fact that if you take a photo of yourself indoors next to your bookshelf full of moldy John Norman novels, wearing sunglasses just might make you look like a tool.


a frolicking good time

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You’re such a beautiful boy – perching silent and ready in front of the open window, the setting sun bathing your skin in a honeyed liquid-velvet. You are bare and exposed, stripped down to a pair of navy blue briefs that lie snug against your narrow hips. I want to press my face against your chest and inhale, taking in your bittersweet boysmell until my nostrils sting. I want to taste you, winding my tongue around the soft ridges of your pink seashell ears; through the wisps of babysoft hair trailing down into your underwear. Continue reading ‘a frolicking good time’

Protected: No cunt(ry) for old men.

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This blog is very tiny – I don’t have many posts (yet), and I haven’t distributed the blog widely online, yet you all still find me. I get quite a few hits every day (I’ve not managed to hit 100 hits per day yet, though I’ve come close), and lots of new readers will go through the entire blog, reading each post. Continue reading ‘musings’

on straight porn

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I can never resist the urge to vomit all over stupid pop psychology articles that promise to uncover The Eternal Truthtm about the differences ‘between the sexes’1; that simply recycle the same old tired bilge about why women just aren’t as visually aroused by male bodies as vice versa, why women will never want to have sex as much as men do, why women are just so alien. I read them and get angry, because they have nothing to do with me or any of the women I know. Continue reading ‘on straight porn’

on my ‘sexual orientation’.

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A few winters ago: I’m sitting with my friend G at the bus stop outside her apartment, waiting for the #6. It’s a very chilly day, so we’re both hunched over like old men, bundled in unflattering bubble coats. G starts furtively poking me in the side through the downy fabric, whispering, ‘Look..’ and cutting her eyes to the left.

I look in the direction she’s craning her neck, and see a gorgeous Latino boy waiting for a bus a few yards away from us. He’s lean and slender, with an angular, delicate face prettier than that of most girls I’ve seen. I immediately assume he’s gay, and I’m intrigued even more1. G and I discretely (or maybe not) ogle this lovely, elfin boy creature for another few minutes until the #6 pulls up. The boy boards the bus just after us, and there’s a problem with his bus card. His card isn’t scanning properly, but the bus driver isn’t bothered and lets him board the bus, anyway. So he turns and thanks her before taking a seat a few rows ahead of G and I. And G is shocked. Continue reading ‘on my ‘sexual orientation’.’

I want a pet boy.

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Seriously. I’m really imagining a ‘boy’ here – some wide-eyed, innocent thing with a cute face and a pretty body, like such^, but perhaps with a bit more melanin and inner spark/personality1. Continue reading ‘I want a pet boy.’