Why is it that (almost) every single ‘dom’/’master’ posts the same photos of himself on fetlife all the time?

Point-by-point description of a generic, twue ‘dom’/’master’ photo:

  • A bit of facial hair, preferably a goatee or perhaps a full beard.
  • Baggy (preferably black) clothes that don’t reveal any skin or even a hint of sex – no muscled torso, no bulge in the pants, nothing.
  • Cool, distant, ‘i m srs bsns’ expression that’s supposed to look stoic, but really just looks as though the guy is desperately trying to hold in a fart.
  • Arms crossed defensively tight across the chest, discretely flexing to make his biceps look larger.

..and maybe some sunglasses, but this one is variable. Some men have apparently caught on to the fact that if you take a photo of yourself indoors next to your bookshelf full of moldy John Norman novels, wearing sunglasses just might make you look like a tool.


~ by fistfulofsunshine on October 8, 2009.

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