a frolicking good time

You’re such a beautiful boy – perching silent and ready in front of the open window, the setting sun bathing your skin in a honeyed liquid-velvet. You are bare and exposed, stripped down to a pair of navy blue briefs that lie snug against your narrow hips. I want to press my face against your chest and inhale, taking in your bittersweet boysmell until my nostrils sting. I want to taste you, winding my tongue around the soft ridges of your pink seashell ears; through the wisps of babysoft hair trailing down into your underwear.

I crouch on all fours and crawl cautiously nearer until eye-level with your crotch; and hooking both thumbs underneath the seams, I lower your briefs deliciously slowly, inching them down over your hipbones, over the first few tufts of coarse hair between your legs. A wedge of the cotton is caught in the fleshy peach cleft of your tight ass, and the imprint from the tight seam zig-zags red and mean across your inner thigh like bite marks. You’re running a thumb back and forth across my moistened lips, slowly working your way into my mouth – thrusting in past the teeth and colliding with my tongue. I run my tongue down the length of you, savoring the salty-sweet taste of your skin. When I peer demurely up at you through my lashes, you reach around to gently squeeze the back of my neck with a warm, knowing hand. We both stop breathing for a moment, the space between us practically humming with need.

In a flash, I yank your underwear down over your thighs, playfully sinking my teeth into the smooth, pliable flesh of your left buttock. Yelping in shock, you’re taken by surprise when I pull you onto the floor with me and sit on your chest, pinning your arms down between my thighs. I rock back and forth against you, grinding my aching clit against your chest through my underwear; and your pretty mouth parts in a relieved, noiseless ‘aaaah’ as you press back up against my sliding cunt. I see the muscles delicately ripple across your torso, and I know you think you’re strong enough to take me, to just flip me onto my back and pry my legs open. But you can’t – your limbs are weighted down by your own desire; all your will reduced down to the white-hot pangs of lust between your legs. You’re mine to fuck; and my cunt warms with need for all the ways I want to take your body.

I slide forward and press my hot wet cunt against your mouth, feeling your tongue swirl around my clit as you taste me. You’re moaning and breathing hard against me, sending happy little vibrations into my eager cunt. Trapped beneath me with your cock straining against your half-lowered shorts, you’re left to explore my body with your hands – firmly kneading a tender nipple with one hand while gripping my lunging ass with the other. You trace the crack of my ass with your fingertips, then gently ease into my tight asshole, your fingers falling into a natural rhythm with your mouth as you kiss and suck on my cunt. My thighs clench and I grab a handful of your hair while I ride your face to orgasm, my cunt clenching in delicious waves against your still-working mouth.

When I finally slide off you,  you look reborn – your face is still slick with my wetness; your eyes are clenched tightly shut; and your mouth hangs slightly open in a startled ‘o’. I lean forward and kiss you deeply, the taste of your spit and my own desire mingling on my tongue.


~ by fistfulofsunshine on October 8, 2009.

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