This blog is very tiny – I don’t have many posts (yet), and I haven’t distributed the blog widely online, yet you all still find me. I get quite a few hits every day (I’ve not managed to hit 100 hits per day yet, though I’ve come close), and lots of new readers will go through the entire blog, reading each post.

I’m unable to know who you guys are, yet wordpress’s nifty blogging system does share some amount of info, some of which is pretty interesting. Here, a short list of words and phrases people have used to dig up my blog.:

flaccid white cock

scary cock

mine cocks a large one


cock bikini

large bulge in pants

old man cock bulge

..and trust me, you haven’t seen the half of it. There’s much more.


~ by fistfulofsunshine on October 2, 2009.

One Response to “musings”

  1. I got a hit for the search “boys and girls being raped and forced to” which kind of disturbed me. And you get way more hits than I do! But I think you try harder šŸ™‚ I hardly even tag, to be truthful.

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