library fuck fantasy

You’re1 kneeling several yards across the aisle from me, immersed in the bookstacks and your own thoughts. After scanning a few rows of books with a pensive expression, you pluck a thick red volume from the shelf and lay it across your bent knee. You gently spread it open, licking the tip of your thumb before running a finger along the creased spine and quickly flipping through the pages. My cunt warms with desire, and I want to be beneath your quick, wet fingers, feeling you knead my flesh with yours.

I want you to turn around and boldly lock eyes with me; to stride over with a knowing swagger, reaching out a long, lean arm to pull me down onto the cold hard floor; to lie down on top of me, pinning my trembling limbs down with yours, your strong thigh muscle twitching as you press one leg down hard between my own.

I need to feel the tension and pull of your taut limbs gleaming with sweat as I grind my aching cunt up against that leg; the hot urgency of your fingertips digging into my inner thighs because you have to fuck me now; your smooth, pliable tongue exploring my mouth as eagerly as you would my cunt – thrusting rhythmically between my moist lips to deliciously rub at every crack and crevice of warm, pink flesh.

You have to grab a handful of my hair and yank my head back hard, exposing my soft neck to your nibbling teeth and tongue and lips. I have to feel your mouth against my ear while you reach into my underwear to tease me – massaging my swollen outer lips; deftly working a finger or two inside before cruelly darting out again; expertly probing the folds of my ear with your wet tongue and breathing heavily, ‘Don’t even try to say no to me; you know what I need. I know you’ve been getting hot over here, waiting for me to slide deep into that cunt.’

And my lust will build as I’m trapped beneath you, longing to be fucked. I’ll spread my legs wide and tilt my pelvis up higher to feel more of you, reaching around to squeeze your wriggling ass, arching my back and letting out a low cry as you push two fingers into my eager hole. And I know you’ll fuck me just the way I need to be – rubbing the heel of your hand against my clit; sliding your fingers right over that spot on the top wall of my cunt that will just make me shiver and beg you to fuck me faster; soaking your hand in my wetness as you press deeper inside me. I’ll open my eyes to see your face just as I cum, my cunt tensing in deliciously hard waves over your busy fingers while you stare down at me with a triumphant grin.

You’ll run your eyes over my body like roaming hands, just as you are now – finally glancing across the aisle at me with a winsome smile. I tense for a moment, imagining that you can see need etched on my face; fearful that you know how much I want you to push me down onto the floor with you and grind against me in the dark. But you reshelve your book and turn to leave the bookstacks, catching my eye again with another faint smile as you exit.

1. I’m a fan of classy titles that gesture toward some seedy mix of bad het porn and a cheesy horror movie. Bonus points to any reader who knows what library I’m referring to here, especially if you don’t attend my university. Hint, hint; wink, wink.


~ by fistfulofsunshine on September 6, 2009.

One Response to “library fuck fantasy”

  1. As a librarian, I can officially say this is really effing hot.

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