‘Please. Oh god, please just fuck me.’

You have me lying on my back, my trembling fingers buried in my cunt while I squirm with desire for your cock. I need you to slide deep into my wet, eager hole; I want you to fill me up, rubbing your thick hardness against that sweet spot deep inside until I’m on fire. You always know just how to fuck me – tracing the ridges of my ear with your tongue; pinning my struggling limbs down as your body rhythmically thrusts against mine. I rub my aching clit faster, soaking my fingers and the sheets with my wetness; and one more time, I beg you to take me.

..but you keep teasing me, instead. You kneel over me on the bed, drinking in my desire with a cocky grin. You hold your stiff, gorgeous cock inches from my cunt, tantalizingly stroking the head, slowly working your hand up and down the thick shaft that you won’t let me have.

‘You want this cock don’t you?’ You whisper to me in a probing, mischevious tone that needles at my already teeming senses. ‘Tell me how much. I want to hear you say it.’

‘Please, please. I need your cock in me so bad. You’re getting me so wet.’ I scoot down a few inches, hoping to bump up against your sweet cock; but you pin my wriggling legs down with strong hands and force my thighs open further.

‘No, no. I want to see you cum for me first.’

Shuddering with need, I knead a tender, erect nipple with one hand and rub my slick wetness with the other, pushing fingers inside and rubbing against the top wall of my cunt. You’re breathing deep and hard, your hands massaging my inner thighs with a rough urgency as you direct my pleasure.:

‘You work those fingers into your tight little cunt until they’re nice and dripping wet…mmm, just like that. Now rub that cum all over your clit for me.’

My own sticky cum runs down my hand as I feel my desire near its peak. My eyes are tightly closed; but when I open them a wink, it’s the expression on your face while you stroke your cock that pushes me over the edge – your eyes are screwed shut and your mouth is hanging open in a low moan as you furiously pump your clenched fist up and down your dick. My cunt tightens in delicious spasms that grip my body, and I squirm wildly against the bed sheets as you watch me cum.

The last few waves of ecstasy are shuddering out of my cunt, but I still need more, more, more – I’m still aching to be filled up by you; and you know it. You abruptly push my hands from between my legs and press the head of your cock against my clit, grinding your pelvis against mine. I wrap my legs around your lunging back and we rock together for a few sweet moments, our busily working limbs slick with each other’s sweat. My breath comes out in short, ragged pants, my entire being focused on getting your cock inside of me – I tilt my pelvis upward, hoping to slide my cunt over the head of your cock; but you push me back down, punctuating your displeasure with an authoritative smack to my right ass cheek.

‘I want you from behind.’ Your voice tickles my face as your fingers wander all over my body – pulling at my hardened nipples, squeezing my ass, lightly grazing the dark pink folds between my legs. I’m greedy for your touch and just want to lie on my back and take more of you in; but you suddenly take hold of my shoulders and flip me over, pressing your body hard against mine.

My face -wet with tears and sweat- is pressed against the pillow, muffling my pleas for you to fuck me. You push my legs apart, the head of your cock pressing against my aching hole; and then with a low cry and a deep plunge, you’re inside – thrusting into my most hidden spaces; rubbing right against the core of my desire. Just when our bodies start to fall into rhythm, you cruelly ease your cock back out of me again, letting out a low chuckle while I beg and pout like a greedy brat. You like to watch me squirm.

Your teeth are scraping hard against the back of my shoulder when you enter me again, and I know you’ll mottle the skin with bite marks. You reach around to playfully tug at my nipples, thrusting harder and faster now as my desire builds. I’m coasting along right on the edge of orgasm when you start whispering in my ear, so close that I can feel every word tickling my ear: ‘Do it for me. Be a good girl and show me how you cum again.’

The pressure building deep inside me breaks, and my cunt tightens in intense waves over your still thrusting cock. I cry out and grind my pelvis down into the mattress, the last few drops of desire draining from me until I’m lying limp beneath you, my desire finally sated. Giddy, we collapse into each other’s tired arms and laugh, our breath and tears and sweat mingling into a single heady brew.


~ by fistfulofsunshine on August 12, 2009.

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  1. Ooh, reading this was a lovely way to wake up… Good to hear from you again! I love this.

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