Maybe there’s something in the air.

..because for the past week or so, there’s been a tight little ball of need in my stomach, pressing into my cunt & leaving me a jittery mess.

My body is taut as a guitar string, vibrating to the lithe movements of a boy’s lean, muscled body twisting to catch a frisbee on the quad; or a girl’s bubblegum pink tongue slyly darting out to lick a milk mustache.

To be more concise: I need sex. Soon.

Sadly, I haven’t yet amassed a little black book full of names – there are currently only three people1 in the whole wide world (or, at least close enough to reach within an hour, using the CTA) that I know I’d be able to contact for a carefree romp; and none of them are available right now. So, I’m left with my right hand, which still isn’t enough. Yesterday, I masturbated for almost two hours without stopping, orgasming over and over again – slipping a finger inside and vigorously rubbing against that sweet spot on the anterior wall of my cunt; lying on my stomach and pressing against my hand; closing my eyes tight while desperately searching for whatever mental images will make me cum the hardest.

After I’d climaxed for the fifth or sixth time, the need left me.

…for a bit. It’s back now, though – this hot, teasing sensation that’s something like agony. It feels like that magical little surge of electricity that crackles in the pit of my stomach right before I cum, except it…won’t…stop.  It’s too intense.

I’m almost considering lowering my standards and fucking some unimaginative heterosexual dude who’ll probably just expect me to service his cock for several minutes before he rolls over and goes to sleep; but it probably wouldn’t be that good, and I know I’d regret it later.

1. Actually, that’s not quite true. I know several people I theoretically could sleep with; but few that I’d want to sleep with – all of the potential fuckbuddies are of a certain male type that doesn’t appeal to me. Mainstream frat boy masculinity doesn’t get me wet. Randy as I am, I’m not quite that desperate.


~ by fistfulofsunshine on April 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “tension”

  1. oh! i know what you mean. everyone is so hot coming back from spring break. haircuts, less clothes, more skin. and friskiness is in the air…

    hm..insatiability. when masturbation no longer works, you really know you’re in trouble!

  2. happy update: I actually did get laid the other day; and it was pretty nice.
    But I’m still horny, and I don’t feel like traveling again just so someone can get me off properly.

    This is why I wish people used that uchicago dating website, like, for real. It’d be so much simpler to have a local selection of ass, if only people weren’t such awkward, asexual weirdos.

  3. i thought you said you’d never sleep with someone on campus?

  4. I did.

    but the hornier I get, the likelier it is that I’ll do things I otherwise wouldn’t. In general.

    It’s just very hard to find people on campus who
    a) are attractive to me.
    b) are looking for the same thing I am – no-strings-attached fucking.

    It’s super easy to find (male) people who are fine with casual sex, but they aren’t the sort of people i’d want to have sex with.

  5. So true. There are a lot of ways to find someone to do casual sex with. It’s just up to you who to choose.

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